Welcome to Pablo's learning blog

Why such hubris?

This is mainly for myself, my musings, my experimentations, you dear visitor can think of it as a logbook of my path as a code apprentice.

If you want to follow along, you are more than welcomed to do so.

At this point of time, this is just the barebones skeleton of a blog, but there are future plans.

Current overhanging idea

As of now what I must learn is to develop content using TDD.

To do so, this blog is being written with TDD.

The learnings where I struggle most to find ressources or that I find particularly interesting will be documented in it.

Concrete short-term plans

Learing enough RSpec to be dangerous

Coding a blog that accepts markdown text

Add a nice interface to my 'Knowledge Porfolio'

Difuse long term plans

Learn the ropes of Design

Study algorythms

Make a game

Continuous goals

Expand knowledge of OOP

Work through and expand reading list

Improve written communication skills